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Scottish Gifts Start Frame: on-line Scottish Shopping <body background="thisback.gif" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> <center> <table border="0" > <tr> <td align="center"><font color="#FF0000" size="6"><b><i>Scottish Gifts </i></b></font></td> </tr> <tr> <td align="center"><b>This is the Non-Frames page for Scottish Gifts.<br> The site makes extensive use of Javascript and advanced Scripting which makes it a requirement to be viewed with Navigator 3 or Explorer 3.<p> You will be able to view the pages but you will not be able to order automatically on line. In which case please contact us by email, post , phone or fax.</b><p><a href=""><img src="imagesemail.gif" border="0" width="68" height="71"></a><p> <A HREF=""><IMG SRC="netscape.gif" ALT="[Download Netscape Navigator]" WIDTH="114" HEIGHT="40" HSPACE="5"></A><br> This site is best viewed with 256 colour graphics and an advanced browser from Netscape or Microsoft.<br> <A HREF=""><IMG SRC="explorer.gif" ALT="[Download Microsoft Internet Explorer]" WIDTH="114" HEIGHT="43" HSPACE="5"></a><p> <pre> Tel / Fax : (UK) 01569 763153 Scottish Gifts. Upper Pitforthie Cottage, Fordoun, Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, AB30 1LQ, UK. We take major Credit cards and ship world wide. </pre> </td> </tr> </table> <p> <table border=0 > <td> <font size=+1 color=red> <i><b>Art Pewter Silver Ltd Scotland</b></i> <ul> <a href="crests.htm" >Clan Crest Badges</a></font><br> </ul> <hr> </td> <tr> <td> <font size=+1 color=red> <p><i><b>Grants of Dalvey</b></i> <ul> <a href="dalvey1.htm" >Pocket Flasks</a><br> <a href="dalvey2.htm#top" >Clocks</a><br> <a href="dalvey2.htm#top" >Photoframes</a><br> <a href="dalvey3.htm#top" >Key-Rings</a><br> <a href="dalvey4.htm#cal" >Calculator</a><br> <a href="dalvey4.htm#top" >Card Cases</a> </ul> <HR> </font> </td> <tr> <td> <font size=+1 color=red> <i><b>Charles Buyers & Co.Ltd.</b></i> <ul> <a href="heather1.htm">Heather Jewelery</a> </ul> </font> <hr> </td> <tr> <td> <font size=+1 color=red> <i><b>The Quaich Co. (Scotland) Ltd.</b></i> <ul> <a href="quaich1.htm" >Quaichs</a><br> <a href="tankard1.htm" >Tankards<br>Flasks</a> </p> </ul> </font> <hr> </td><tr> <td> <font size=+1 color=red> <p><i><b>Neil Macleod Ltd.</b></i> <ul> <a href="prints1.htm" >Fine Art Prints</a> </p> </ul> </font> </td> </table> <dir><br> <hr size=3 noshade> <li><a href="welcome.htm#top" >Welcome Page</a> </li> <li><a href="terms.htm" >Terms & Conditions</a> </li> <li><a href="service.htm" target="main">Customer Services</a> </li> <li><a href="about.htm" >About us</a> <p><img src="scotg.gif" alt="scotland.gif" width="123" height="150"><br> <font color="#FF0000" size="5"><b>Scotland</b></font> </p> </li> </dir> </center> </body>

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